Course Number: Physics 7B

Course Name: Thermodynamics, electricity, Magnetism

Unit: 4

Offered: FA/SP/SUM

Requirement Satisfied: CORE

Concentration(s): all

Summary: The course is an intro to basic physics concepts involving electricity and magnetism. Course topics expand on AP physics C material. The course follows the textbook; exams will vary in difficulty.

Official Prerequisites: Physics 7A; Math 1A; Math 1B; Math 53 (concurrently)

“Legit” Prerequisites: Math 53 (you will need triple integrals)

Topics Covered: Thermal Expansion; Ideal Gas Law; Kinetic Theory Gasses; Phase Diagrams; Laws of Thermodynamics; Adiabatic Process; Electric Charge/Force/Field/Dipole/Flux/Potential; Gauss’s Law; Capacitors; Current; Ohm’s Law; Resistors; DC Circuit; Magnetic Force/Dipole/Torque; Hall Effect; Ampere’s Law; Biot Savart Law; Electromagnetic Induction; Inductance; Faraday’s Law; LR/LC Circuits; Maxwell’s Equations

Workload: Mastering Physics is annoying but manageable.

When to Take: Freshman or Sophomore Year

“What’s next” Courses: Physics 137A

Usefulness for research/internships: If you’re going to be doing electrical things, the basic knowledge of electricity and circuits is a big plus. However, topics do not go in depth enough to be of any meaningful use in the real world.

Added Comments or Tips: Don’t forget to do mastering physics; don’t sleep on the thermodynamics because you already covered it in 4b

AIChE Berkeley