Course Number: Physics 7A

Course Name: Mechanics, Wave Motion

Units: 4

Offered: Fall, Spring

Requirement Satisfied: CORE


Summary: The course is an introduction to basic physics concepts and if you took physics in high school, many of the topics should be review. The course is based on the textbook and MasteringPhysics problems though the exams may vary in difficulty based on the professor. The class is curved.

Official Prerequisites: High school physics, Math 1A/1B

“Legit” Prerequisites: High school math, physics

Topics Covered: Vectors, Kinematics, Force, Newtons Laws, Friction, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Conservation of Energy, Linear Momentum, Rotational Kinematics/Dynamics, Angular Momentum, Statics, Fluids, Oscillations, Waves and Sound

Workload: There are weekly online problem sets and weekly in-lab worksheets or in-lab quizzes. There are also two midterms and a final.

When to take: Freshman year

"What’s next" Courses: Physics 7B

Usefulness for research / internships: Potentially useful for basic knowledge of physics concepts.

Added Comments or Tips: A good GSI is important if you are struggling with the concepts  because there is time in lab section to review and explain the lecture material. A bad GSI, therefore can make the lab section somewhat useless besides completing the required work. If you can take the class with Zettl, do so, because he is a great professor and explains everything very well while still making the class interesting.

AIChE Berkeley