MSE 45

Course Number: MSE 45 + 45L

Course Name: Properties of Materials + Lab

Units: 3 + 1

When is it offered? FALL/SPRING

Requirement Satisfied: CORE

Concentration(s): N/A

Summary: This class is a general overview of different classes of materials and different tests that they undergo in engineering practice, directly correlating with the textbook. Covers macro and microstructure concepts. The lab portion is related to the lecture in general topics covered but only meets every other week, with lab lectures in between.

Official Prerequisites: Physics 7A (Concurrent)

LEGIT Prerequisites: High school chemistry, physics.

Topics Covered: 1. Atomic structure, bonding 2. Structure of crystalline solids 3. Imperfections 4. Diffusion 5. Phase Diagram 6. Phase Transformations 7. Mechanical Properties 8. Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms 8. Failure 9. Electrical properties 10. Thermal Properties 11. Magnetic Properties 21. Optical Properties 22. Materials Selection & Design Considerations

Workload: There are weekly problem sets that are not difficult but tedious. Usually will take a few hours to complete and is composed of either definition or computationally based problems. There is a portion of the class grade based off in class participation through answering questions with an iClicker. There are two midterms and a final which are composed of problems like those from the homeworks, of equal difficulty. The exams allow a cheat sheet so as long as you have all the necessary equations you should be fine. The lab portion has formal reports due every other week. These reports have word count limits so its simple to answer what is required without having to worry about being concise, since it is required. The course is curved with exams, homework and participation assigned to percents of the total grade. The lab course is separate and graded separately from the lecture.

When to take? Any year that works with your schedule.

"Whats next" Courses? Can continue to take Materials Science Courses like MSE 111

Usefulness for research / internships: Useful for materials science internships as an introduction to various lab techniques.

Added Comments or Tips: The most difficult part of the exams is time management so if you can do the homework in a good amount of time you should be fine. Attending the lab lectures also helps if you arent clear on the lab itself or theory when writing the formal lab reports. Attendance of lab lectures is also part of your total grade.

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