CS 61A

Course Number: CS61A

Course Name: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Units: 4

When is it offered? FALL/SPRING

Requirement Satisfied: None if you already took E7

Concentration(s): N/A

Summary: This class is an introduction to programming using mainly Python. It introduces simple programming techniques such as defining functions, iteration, recursion, higher order functions, and more. These concepts are taught through homeworks, labs, and projects.

Official Prerequisites: Math 1A, some programming experience like AP CS

LEGIT Prerequisites: None, but prior experience definitely helps

Topics Covered: functions, environments, iteration, recursion and tree recursion, mutation, object-oriented programming, trees

Workload: Weekly lab and homework. Labs are not very difficult and solely for learning, and GSIs will help you during lab section. Homeworks are more difficult and usually require going to office hours. There are 4 big projects that take a lot of time and increase in difficulty, and working with a partner is recommended. There was one midterm and a final (although this may change year to year)

When to take?Anytime that fits with your schedule

"Whats next" Courses? CS61B

Usefulness for research / internshipsAdd Python and SQL to resume

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