CHEM 135

Course Number: Chemistry 135

Course Name: Chemical Biology

Units: 3

Offered: Fall

Requirement Satisfied: Alternative for Bio 1A

Concentration(s): Biotech

Past Professors: Matt Francis

Summary: This class overall is nowhere as intense as Chem 12A or 12B, and If you take it with Matt Francis, I can assure you it'll be interesting. This class has no lab so there's is very little work other than problem sets. There is a decent amount of memorization, especially when it comes to amino acids and some important reactions, but it does not require the creativity that 12A and 12B require in terms of mechanisms. The professor assumes that you understand these mechanisms and instead focuses more on applications

Official Prerequisites: Chem 12B, Bio 1A

“Legit” Prerequisites: Chem 12B

Topics Covered: DNA Transcription into RNA,  Translation, Incorporation of Artificial Amino Acids, Carbohydrates

Workload: Weekly problem sets, 3 midterms.

When to take: Junior Fall

"What’s next" Courses: CBE170 series

Usefulness for research / internships: Good concepts for future classes but nothing specific - good foundation of knowledge

Added Comments or Tips: Lots of exams, but stay on top of the work and this class does not have as large of a workload as it seems. The midterms build well and Francis likes continuity in his material.

AIChE Berkeley