CBE 179

Course Number: CBE179

Course Name: Solid State Devices

Units: 3

When is it offered? Variable

Requirement Satisfied: Upper Division CBE Elective

Concentration(s): Chemical Processing, Energy and Environment

Summary: Course covers solid-state technology is based on thin solid films. This course is an introduction to this technology and the associated thin film processing and the application of chemical processing to the manufacturing of these devices. The topics to cover include: properties of solid-state materials and devices; crystal growth and purification; vacuum science and technology; thin film technology; surface and thin film characterization technique.

Official Prerequisites: MSE45

LEGIT Prerequisites: MSE45

Topics Covered: Microfabrication Processes, Device Physics, other general semiconductor materials and methods

Workload: 1 Problem set every week, relatively easy (take maybe 2-3 hours); 2 midterms - pretty straightforward, based off of lecture material; optional readings but not really necessary of you pay attention in lecture

When to take? Variable, but Junior or Senior year are highly preferred due to occasional references to thermodynamics, mass transport, and kinetics.

"Whats next" Courses? N/A

Usefulness for research / internships: Very useful since the course is highly directed and specialized, though obviously does not cover processes as in-depth as research scale. This could be very useful for industrial applications and beginning to understand research in the semiconductor industry.

Added Comments or Tips: Many graduate students also take this course when it is offered.

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