CBE 170A

Course Number: CBE170A

Course Name: Biochemical Engineering

Units: 3

When is it offered? Fall

Requirement Satisfied: Upper Division CBE Elective

Concentration(s): Biotechnology

Summary: Fermentation processes and intro to biochemical processes

Official Prerequisites: 142, 150B
LEGIT Prerequisites: 142, 150B

Topics Covered: Fermentation, kinetics (of cells), scale-up, biochemical process equipment, sterilization, thermodynamics, product recovery, bioreactor design

Workload: 1 Problem set every week, more involved problem sets near middle of semester (especially related to designing your own molecule)

When to take?"Whats next" Courses? 170B, 170L

Usefulness for research / internships: Lot of fundamentals, when taken with 170B will be very useful for any sort of bioprocessing job (aka very useful for industry)

Added Comments or Tips: Midterm project is very open-ended and industry based - no clear "correct" answers

AIChE Berkeley