CBE 162

Course Number: CBE 162

Course Name: Dynamics and Control of Chemical Processes

Units: 4

When is it offered? FALL/SPRING

Requirement Satisfied: CORE

Concentration(s): N/A

Past Professors: Balsara, Mesbah

Summary: This class focuses on MATLAB and Simulink to create and modify controllers for ChemE systems. You use block diagrams to design a process and modify a controller in order to achieve the goal (e.g. product, cost). For Balsara, lab section is required and exams have both a written and electronic portion.

Official Prerequisites: E7, ChemE 142, 154, and 150 series

LEGIT Prerequisites: E7, ChemE 142, 154, and 150 series

Topics Covered: Dynamic behavior of chemical processes, control methods, simulations by computer

Workload: Problem sets weekly, lab assignments weekly on MATLAB and Simulink (due by the end of the lab period). Balsara gave one midterm including a written and electronic portion. Same with the final.

When to take? Spring Junior or later

"Whats next" Courses? CBE 160

Usefulness for research / internships: Balsara brought in a process engineer from Chevron to talk about how this class is applicable to industry. This class is useful for process engingeering and controlling chemical plants.

Added Comments or Tips: Study on MATLAB functions that will save you time when completing assignments (Balsara).

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