CBE 150B

Course Number: CBE 150B

Course Name: Mass Transport and Separation Processes

Units: 4

Offered: FALL

Requirement Satisfied: CORE

Concentration(s): all

Past Professors: Bell

Summary: "This course covers two main subjects: mass transfer and separations.

Mass Transfer builds on a lot of what is learned in 150A. Many of the equations and methods are similar to those used in 150A. However, there is less of a focus on deriving from first principles.

Separations seems like a popurri of various methods. Equations and models are heavily used with a focus on solving problems graphically. Remembering various separation methods (ie flash) from CBE 140 can be beneficial."

Official Prereqs: CBE 150B, 141, 140;

Legit Prereqs: same as official, Math 54

Topic Covered: Mass Transfer; Steady/Unsteady State Diffusion; Convective Mass Transfer; Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer; Separations Processes & Thermodynamics; Flash Separations; Absorption and Stripping; Binary Distillation; Liquid-Liquid Extraction; Multicomponent Distillation; Membrane Separations; Adsorption

Workload: "Weekly problem sets graded on accuracy; lots of derivation work in the first part of the course (MT) and many numerical methods in second part (separations).

Problem sets take a pretty long time to do"

When to Take: Junior Fall

What’s Next: 154/162

Usefulness for research / internships: Useful for gaining an intuition of separation processes; industry will likely use modelling softwares so the actual things you use are more or less useless.

Added Comments or Tips:

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